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 “Bank Local”-Our bank’s tag line during UWSP’s Annual Trivia Contest this year.  Local, community banking-the kind we provide at The Pineries Bank-is built upon one-on-one relationships between our bankers and you our customer.  By banking with a community bank, consumers deposit their money in a local institution that reinvests those deposits by making loans in that same community.  In turn, we community bankers know our customers firsthand and are personally accountable to them.  As locally based financial providers serving the people we see at PTA meetings and Friday night football games, community bankers are obliged to be honest dealers-not only is it our culture, but our business depends on it.  Hometown community banking has helped build this country and its many, diverse communities.  Remember, community banks are only successful if their customers and communities are too.  With a direct incentive to do right by their customers, community banks are a critical source of financial stability for individual consumers, local businesses and the economy as a whole.  To take advantage of this safe, secure and stable source of financial services-and to contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable economy in your community-I encourage consumers in Central Wisconsin and nationwide to see for themselves the benefits of community banks, the original consumer protectors.  Our bank also encourages our customers to “Go Local” trying to inspire consumers and businesses alike to reinvest in our communities.  You eat local, shop local, why not bank local?  


Notice of changes in temporary FDIC insurance coverage for transaction accounts

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